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blendreCave Windows build

This version is not up to date !

These indications are for Windows. If you use Linux/MacOSX, see build page.

To ease further references, lets suppose we work in a folder named C:\BlenderWorkspace. Any file or directory creation, if not mentioned otherwise, takes place in that folder.

We will use TortoiseSVN for repository access and patch application. Examples are given with screenshots using the GUI version of TortoiseSVN, but you can achieve same result using command-line (in any case, its a good idea to install command-line tools of svn when installing TortoiseSVN).

Download blenderCave sources

Next blenderCave version coming

We are on the way of realeasing blenderCave 3.6 (latest is 3.2, intermediate releases are for internal use) – it will be downloadable when ready.


Using TortoiseSVN contextual menu in your BlenderWorkspace directory, check-out (the trunk or a specific releases/X.Y release of blenderCave you need) into a blenderCave_svn/ directory:

Checkout blendercave

Wait until it is completly downloaded.

Checkout blendercave finished

Download blender sources

You must download the sources of the blender version corresponding to the downloaded blenderCave patch version. You can find that version number in the patch filename: blenderCave_svn/patch/blender_revision_xxxxx.patch.

You can find this version on blender web site

Then unzip it inside the C:\BlenderWorkspace\blender-src\.

Apply the patch

Using TortoiseSVN contextual menu on blender_src/ directory, select submenu TortoiseSVN then submenu Apply patch….

TortoiseSVN apply patch command

Select the patch file from blenderCave_svn/patch/ directory.

Selection of blenderCave patch file

When the list of patched files is opened, click “Patch all items”.

Patch all blender files

When finished, if you update your Windows Explorer, you can see that blender_src/ directory is marked dirty by TortoiseSVN (because its patched).

Blender source is patched

Compile patched blender

Install compiler and build tools

Download precompiled libraries

Download ad-hoc revision of precompiled libraries for Visual Studio 2013 64 bits under Windows, from svn repository and install it into BlenderWorkspace\lib\win64_vc12.

Beware to select the revision 61323. The others include wrong libraries.

Checkout precompiled libs for MinGW-w64 under Windows

Prepare makefiles

Within CMake, select Unix makefile.

Follow the build procedure (adapted to our paths). Here are some notes from our build experience.

We used mingw-get-setup from MinGW site.

CMake failed to find numpy, we installed Python 3.3 from Python site (for win32) in standard C:\Python33\ directory (with PATH modification to find it on command line), and Numpy for Python 3.3, then we adapted CMakeLists.txt to target this Python installation:

--- C:/Users/YOURLOGINHERE/AppData/Local/Temp/CMakeLists.txt-revBASE.svn000.tmp.txt	mer. nov.  6 02:45:15 2013
+++ C:/BlenderWorkspace/blender_src/CMakeLists.txt	mer. avr.  2 14:04:36 2014
@@ -1387,8 +1387,10 @@ elseif(WIN32)
 			# normally cached but not since we include them with blender
-			set(PYTHON_INCLUDE_DIR "${LIBDIR}/python/include/python${PYTHON_VERSION}")  # CACHE PATH)
-			set(PYTHON_LIBRARY "${LIBDIR}/python/lib/python33mw.lib")  # CACHE FILEPATH)
+			set(PYTHON_INCLUDE_DIR "C:/Python33/include")
+			#set(PYTHON_INCLUDE_DIR "${LIBDIR}/python/include/python${PYTHON_VERSION}")  # CACHE PATH)
+			set(PYTHON_LIBRARY "C:/Python33/libs/python33.lib")
+			#set(PYTHON_LIBRARY "${LIBDIR}/python/lib/python33mw.lib")  # CACHE FILEPATH)
 			# uncached vars
@@ -2106,6 +2108,7 @@ if(WITH_PYTHON)
+				"C:/Python33/Lib"

Missing pthread library – it was not installed with standard MinGW install – can be installed via gui interface, selecting mingw32-pthreads-w32 dev package:

Install MingGW pthread library dev files

Or via the command line with:

mingw-get install mingw32-pthreads-w32-dev

Command to build the project, within C:\BlenderWorkspace\blender_build\ directory:


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